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Warning Signs

Parents: pay attention to the signs of alcohol and drug usage.

If you notice any of these behaviors it maybe a sign that your teenager is involved with chemical abuse. Investigate the warnings and get a professional assessment.

Call us at 973-226-4773

Some of the physical signs are:
  • Gradual or rapid change in sleeping habits
  • Redness or Bloodshot eyes carrying eye drops
  • Slurred , agitated or irritable or forced speech
  • Change in eating habits weight loss or gain
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Not caring about appearance/poor hygiene change from regular routine
  • Doesn't face consequences, doesn't do anything, non caring, no motivation
  • Sore throats and constant redness or sick more than usual
  • Reckless behaviors causing injuries
Behavioral Signs
  • Sneaky ; lying and covering up, hiding behaviors
  • Not caring anymore sudden or gradual drop in grades
  • consequences don't do anything, non caring no motivation
  • seems out of control your suspicions of usage have increased
  • gradual or sudden loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • seems emotionally unstable
  • sleeps more than usual
  • appears depression, isolated and irritable when around family
  • missing school or work, late, cutting class, leaving school grounds
  • responsibilities at school or work have slipped severely
  • calls from teachers or co-workers, poor interim reports, failure or warning notices
  • School suspects usage, friends or family suspects usage.
  • secretive behavior
  • Avoiding eye contact, going directly to room to avoid family
  • Money missing or constantly asking for more money, stealing from brothers and sisters
  • Wanting to go out every night
  • change in friends or peer group, suspicious behaviors
  • change in clothing or appearance
  • smells on clothing or breath
  • Heavy use of over-the-counter preparations to reduce eye reddening, nasal irritation, or bad breath
  • Alcohol missing from house
  • Prescription medicine missing
  • Unexplained disappearances for long periods of time
  • running away
  • paraphernalia unusual containers or wrappers