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Adult Counseling

We live in a very troublesome world with much stress, violence, and issues that may set us back and create uncomfortable situations in our lives. Parenting issues, alcohol and drug use, career adjustments, grief reaction, separation, divorce, mistrust, depression, and more can be addressed at our small and professional office setting.

  • We provide office hours for your convenience; afternoon, evenings, and some weekends.
  • Hours by appointment only.
  • We are located in a comfortable and convenient location with confidential counseling offices.

Men's Release, Recovery & Restore Group

Many of my male patients have requested to be a part of a male group experience. My Release, Recovery and Restore Group; gives selected men an opportunity where they can leave their ego at the door and begin to focus in on learning how to communicate and listen while exploring any negativity they have encountered. Learning what’s important and how to set realistic goals in the relationships they have.

The Release; can free them of all the expectations and stereotypes that they have been taught.

The Recovery; can help them gain the insight needed through group conversation by taking risks to learn and evaluate valuable coping skills and tools from the group in a risk free and confidential environment. In addition, the group process may afford them the opportunity to examine what they as men have been using to help them cope and exist in their stressful lives. Some of the choices may have created stress which they can look at and change with group support.

The Restore; this process is building on what they have learned and reinforcing the changes if they choose to make quality, healthy choices moving forward. There is no guarantees just conversation and topics for discussion that will enhance the way they choose to think.

The group meets bi-weekly to discuss meaningful topics, concerns and feelings. Join the adventure

Call for more information, if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.