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The Center for Creative Lifestyles

SpeakingThe Center offers short-term treatments that are psychodynamic and goal-oriented. CCL is staffed with Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. We accept male and female patients of all ages and ethnicities. Our fees for services are $175 per hour, and we also offer a sliding scale. Drug testing is available, at rates of $60 for lab determined results and $20 for quick results (we'd be happy to explain the difference.) In addition, drug testing quick testers (1 minute results) are also available. Please call us at (973) 226-4773 for more information and phone screening. Evening hours are available.

Speaking Engagements, Consultations Offered and Literature

SpeakingThe lecture workshop or dialogue can be geared to a specific audience and setting. The following list is a sample of the workshops we have presented:

  • School presentations for Elementary, Middle and High schools staff on: alcohol and drug policies, HIB Harassment Intimidation and Bullying, cyberbullying, Mental health related concerns, crisis management, threat assessments and grief reactions in schools.
  • "Dating 101 for Parents": a dialogue with parents on dating issues and concerns about our children, Glenfield Middle School, Montclair, NJ (Read Testimonial)
  • "Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones but the Names Will Always Hurt You." Dealing with bullying and bystanders and the victim.
  • Survival guide for parents and middle school students transitioning to high school.
  • Survival guide for school teachers and counselors dealing with classroom behaviors.
  • Questions parents should be asking their teens and pre-teens before it's too late.
  • Middle School Tobacco Showcase Montclair, NJ. How to establish a complete school-wide tobacco educational program to include all students, staff and parents.
  • Establishing effective programming for your schools Suicide Prevention, Alcohol and Drug Education, Bullying Intervention and prevention programs.
  • Staff trainings for school systems on various topics including suicide, alcohol and drugs most policy issues covered.
  • School responses to student alcohol and drug use.

Please call for more information and fee structure.