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Friendship report card — $100.00, set of ten

The Friendship Report Card is a useful assessment tool that can be used with middle, high school and college age students to effectively evaluate peer relationships. The results allow counselors, parents, patients and students to honestly assess the qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships. A great discussion starter and an excellent way to empower students to choose their friends wisely with a better understanding of their own role in their relationships with their peers. Especially useful with resistant and non-verbal clients, and students who seem defensive about negative peer relationships. The student controls the information that is shared about their friends. This tool gives everybody a clear understanding and the opportunity for meaningful conversation about friends and peers. If your patient does not have many friends, the friendship report card can be used to help assess peer groups they want to establish a relationship with. This may be useful in determining what group of peers may be compatible and positive influence. All you need is knowledge of the peers you’re assessing.

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