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Counseling Conflict Tubes — $149.00

The counseling conflict tubes can be a great tool following a mediation or after a non-violent conflict. Once the situation has been stabilized the disputants can work together solidifying the mediation encounter to a positive outcome by build a structure together. The process of working together helps build a relationship and bonding if the conflict has been resolved. Many students have discussed, talked about concerns and issues while working on building various structures in counseling offices.
Very often students don't understand or know the other person they are having a disagreement with. The opportunity is there when asked to work together on a joint project like the counseling tubes. It is recommended to take a picture of the finished product to give the student disputants a reward and a sense of accomplishment for working together.

Counseling products can be ordered via Credit Cards using PayPal or you can print an order form and fax it to our office. If you would you like to print out an order form that can be faxed to our office with your purchase order, Click here (this is a .pdf formatted file).