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Enough is Enough

Identifying and Protecting your child from bullying behaviors

"Four out of five middle school students say that they take pride and act like bullies at least once a month, according to a new study that found such aggressive behavior to be more common than previously thought. The study of 558 students in a middle school found that 80 percent said their behavior included physical aggression, social ridicule, teasing, name-calling and issuing threats within the previous 30 days".

And many middle school students are not shy about admitting such behavior. On the other hand what is happening to the victims of such acting out behaviors and how are the schools dealing with this? Are your sons and daughters protected from bullying, teasing and harassment in schools?

Are they showing signs of being withdrawn, depressed, low self esteem, not wanting to go to school or engaging in extracurricular activities, are they isolating themselves and has the phone stop ringing for play dates? These are all questions that should be addressed and supported by parents with the help of trained professionals to assist you in getting over the terrible incidence of helplessness not being able to support your child. Call us and let us help you and your child with these issues. 973-226-4773

The children who are different are usually the most vulnerable and teachers must learn how to deal with bullying behavior, because that makes it clear that it's not just a normal part of growing up.