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Big Nic — $249.00

The "Big Nic" display is an educational tool that has been widely tested in academic and office environments. This 6-foot cigarette is a message board for expressing why smoking is a bad choice. Writing your comments on Big Nic is the bonus. Kids and adults of all ages learn from what others have written. They think of their best reasons not to smoke, why others should quit, and the best suggestions for stopping. They make a commitment by writing on Big Nic.

As educators, we know that people learn from each other and with Big Nic on display, the power of suggestion not to smoke is immense. Students or office employees pass by and stop to read what their peers have written. The comments and hints can help with their decision not to smoke. Big Nic conveys the message across all age groups in a non-threatening, educational way. In our society, we need effective and innovative ways to reach young people and adults about a topic as dangerous as smoking.

Order one or more for your school or office. Health teachers, counselors, administrators, students, parents and office staff welcome the Big Nic display. At $249.00 plus shipping, "Big Nic" is a must to combat smoking.

Counseling products can be ordered via Credit Cards using PayPal or you can print an order form and fax it to our office. If you would you like to print out an order form that can be faxed to our office with your purchase order, Click here (this is a .pdf formatted file).

Please note: Due to the site of the Big Nic product, we do not have a flat fee shipping rate. Please contact us for a quote on shipping. Thank you.